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1. General:

1.1. TADDEO web site at: (the 'Site'), is a sale of fashion garments, sports swimwear, fashion accessories and more. The site is penitentially Taddeo (the 'Company').

1.2. The site is a virtual store on the Internet and therefore applies to the operation Consumer Protection Law - 1981, concerning distance selling.

1.3. Site product prices include VAT of 18 by law. Prices are in NIS, and do not include shipping costs, as stated in the price list site.

1.4. Each operation invitation and / or purchase on site hereby declare that with the operation, he agrees he read the regulations and agrees to all the contents therein including the provisions and terms, and he confirms / A that they will not have or its representative claim and / or demand and / or claim against the site and / or management of the site and / or the company, employees and / or in terms of the provisions or conditions of these regulations.

1.5. Some of the regulations listed in the feminine but also mean the masculine gender.

1.6. The site's customer service will e-mail: service, or call 055-8961155.

1.7. Site management and the Company reserves the right to update the site and these regulations from time to time, and this in its sole discretion, and without requiring notice and / or prior notice.

1.8. Photos of products listed on the site are for illustration purposes only.


2. Hfrtim- registration process as part of the purchase process online:

2.1. As part of the purchase process has to register to the site. Registration shall be made by filling out an online form. Without a full complement of all customer information, you can not continue to purchase the site.

2.2. Client undertakes to give exact details.

2.3. Customer information will be stored in the company, which undertakes not to transfer them to any outside party nor be used which could harm the client.

2.4. Site management and the company is not responsible for the case where the client will provide incorrect information. If available upon incorrect information and thus will not get the package will not reach the client, but will be returned to the offices of the site, the customer will be charged the shipping cost and handling fees (by type of delivery chosen at time of purchase).

2.5. Site management and / or the Company any liability for any one Default of any third party delivery of packages and products, and especially not in the Israel Postal Company or messenger company.

2.6. Customer payment status will be required to provide credit card information at its disposal. Providing accurate credit information is the responsibility of the customer.


3. The promotional material for delivery confirmation

 Customer agrees that the management of the site and that the company is entitled, but not obligated, to view or send the customer updates via a website or by mail Halktroni- including content updates, information on services and products on the site, as well as goods and services of others, promotions, novelties site, within the meaning of Section 30A things. Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) - 1982

4. The completion of the acquisition and operation

4.1. The act of purchase will be made when the customer will mark the site the items that it wants to buy, depending on the model, size and color.

4.2. OK acquires stipulated that the product exists in stock at the time of booking.

4.3. Booking and payment request which will be absorbed website base will form a final vision client's intention to make the purchase, as well as the approval of these regulations will form.

4.4. Completion of the acquisition will be made only after the approval of the transaction by the credit card company.

4.5. If the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the customer shall undertake to provide site backup credit card is valid.

4.6. In cases where an item is still in stock as though he is no longer in stock, the customer will receive a message that, by e-mail, SMS or phone call by customer service. In this case the client waives any claim for any direct or indirect damage him, or any other party.

4.7. If the customer has already paid for the item, it may or cancel the transaction about the specific item or select an alternative similar value, thus ending the client's claims.

4.8. Subsequent to the acquisition and entering credit card information and shipping information the customer will receive a booking confirmation e-mail that said the registration status. It is clarified that it does not require the approval of the management of the site and / or the company providing the details of the order and is just a confirmation of receiving the order details in the site, and its validity depends on the approval of the credit card company.

4.9. Purchase will not be approved if:

4.9.1. In the case of lack of approval of the transaction by the credit card company, and if the credit information and gave them to the customer are incorrect, or if the card is blocked or restricted use.

4.9.2. In the event that there is a reasonable suspicion that the details which gave the customer during the registration were not correct, or incorrect.

4.9.3. If there is a financial debt to locate the customer and / or company.

4.9.4. If you were an act or omission by the client and / or any third party that is or may impair the site or the site administration, or society, or any third parties, including customers, employees and suppliers of the company.

4.9.5. If Terms and conditions have been violated by the customer.


5. The delivery of the products

5.1. Delivery of the products to the customer will be made up to 5 business days * from the date of order confirmation. Israel working days do not include Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and holidays. * Except special order products
OK Hhzmna- is the day the order is placed, paid and approved by the credit card company.

5.2. Delivery of the products will be made by e-Israel or by door to door.

5.3. Hmsloh- address is the address that entered the Site.


6. Shipping

6.1. Product delivery to the customer will last address given by the customer updated on the site.

6.2. Product delivery day will be the day the goods are delivered to the requested destination client noted.

6.3. In case the shipment will be sent by a Slihoiot- now locate the customer and will coordinate with delivery time.

6.4. In case of delay, the site management will make every effort to ensure that the package reaches its destination the fastest way.

6.5 forwarding company distributes packets between 8: 00-20: 00.

There are some communities that behind the Green Line shipping company does not reach them, you can find out more in front of our customer service.


7. The cost of delivery

7.1. To purchase high amount ₪ 200 - the amount the customer will be charged a 10 ₪ for shipping cost. The package will be sent by mail Israel (registered mail)

7.2. Above the purchase amount 200 ₪, and up to 300 ₪ - customer will not be charged the cost of mailing Israel, unless invite courier delivery then will be charged a 20 ₪.

7.3. Over the purchase price of the 300 ₪ - Free Shipping.


8. Cancellations and Returns

8.1. Cancellations and Returns shall be made in accordance with and subject to the Consumer Protection Act 1981 and the regulations thereunder, including consumer protection regulations (cancellation of a transaction, Htsha'a- 2010 ..

8.2. Cancellation deal done before the customer-product delivery will be free of charge and the money will be returned to the customer who paid, including shipping costs. Monetary credit will be provided through the means of payment with the customer paid.

8.3. After canceling a transaction that will be customer-order delivery will be made only after the shipment will be returned warehouses Hatr- when the products are returned in their original packaging, and are connected to the ticket intact and without any defect or damage and this within 14 business days.
In this case of cancellation of transaction-if the product is sent to the customer via courier service to the mission cost will be deducted from home-monetary credit which comes to the customer.

8.4. If the products are returned than as set out above, will be the site administrator exclusive right to decide whether to give the customer a refund or credit voucher to realize the site, or not at all to his credit.

8.5. Products that will be purchased as part of Operation or selling end Aona- only can be returned within 3 business days, subject to the provisions of the law.

8.6. Products that will be purchased in any Mbtza- not be possible to have them refund only credit voucher for reuse on site.

8.7. A cash credit credit card which will be paid in accordance with the customer and transaction performed (if the transaction payment, the customer will be credited with the same number of payments), less the processing fee, subject to the provisions of the law and within the timetable of the credit card companies.


9. Warranty

9.1. Company and / or management of the site and / or their representatives shall not be responsible and not bear any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, caused to the user and / or a user and / or the customer and / or a third party as a result of the use or purchase through the website, not According to these regulations - will be the cause of action will be - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit incurred for any reason, then the Company reserves specific to cancel the order.

9.2. Fell by mistakes in the description of the item, it shall not bind the company and / or the management of the site.

9.3. Photos of the items on the website are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the images shown on the site, in part or in whole, and the items actually sold.

9.4. In any case the company will not bear any liability in excess of the value of the garment / product purchased and any damage that is not directly and / or consequential damage.

9.5. The Company is not responsible for the use of the Client and / or inviting than in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and / or the Company, including washing and / or otherwise using clothing.

9.6. Site management will do its best to provide quality products on time. If the customer believes that products purchased through the website or services suffer from any defect, is welcome to contact customer service by phone 055-8961155, the administrator will handle the appeal as soon as possible.











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